How Did Galileo Contribute To The Renaissance

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The Renaissance was a time period that was crucially important in our history. It is referred to as the era of rebirth because of the plethora of advances in beauty, art, revolution and science. The superfluous ideas and progress made by some of our most famous people in history contributed to the Renaissance, making it one of the most interesting time periods to explore. The Renaissance opened up a myriad of divergent perspectives in which people could understand new information. Though science played a large part of the Renaissance, there weren’t many people who investigated scientific knowledge before the era. Galileo Galilei, astronomer, teacher, and scientist was the one man who decided to dive deeper into the pool of science making it a salient factor during the Renaissance. Galileo contributed the most during the crux of the Renaissance in the sixteenth century. He was a teacher that taught at the University of Padua (“Galileo Galilei” Student Resources in Context). Galileo mostly taught science at the university. He began to teach about astronomy and was teaching the information that was…show more content…
Teachers always talk about him during science and history class about how curious he was in the world around him. Many years after Galileo’s death we still remember his accomplishments of utilizing the idea of using a telescope as well as discovering how the moon and planets are not smooth objects in the sky and that the phases of Venus prove that the sun is in the center of the universe. Galileo’s ideas have influenced many other scientist’s ideas such as Issac Newton’s Johanne Kepler’s and many more. These scientists all had great ideas as well other ideas that were expanded by other scientists. While today many scientists’s ideas are grown upon by other scientists, we can always trace them back to the crux of information, the one man who is still revolutionizing science today—Galileo

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