How Does Shrek Affect Society

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In this modern age of America, social anxiety disorder is most common in United States. People tend to be more enveloped in themselves as time goes by causing symptoms. “Over 19.2 million Americans have social disorder.” It’s a disorder that affects many humans because not all individuals are comfortable with society and life. They might have been born with these symptoms or raised in a harsh environment enabling them to develop this disorder. Social anxiety disorder is a disorder that illustrates intense “nervousness or excessive unreasonable fear of social situation.” In this paper I will demonstrate the effects on social disorder on a disney character name Shrek. An ogre who isolate himself because society fears him as a treacherous monster. Shrek inherits social anxiety from the fear of talking with others , being judged, and human criticism.…show more content…
He wanted no one to communicate with him because he thought his appearance was a hindrance in his life. Due to this, when he met the donkey who would later on become his best friend says to him, “I’m an ogre...doesn’t that bother you?”. Shrek depicts these symptoms accurately because his intentions are to hide from the world eyes. In a certain part of the movie he pushes away all the characters. The little fairy tale characters wanted to befriend him, but he didn’t accept them in his personal zone. This act is the result of shreks social phobia. Shrek is not fond of showing friendship to others since his whole life was spent in

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