Change In 'Our Town And Frostfire'

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Change affects people in many ways. Three stories that have examples of this are, Simplexity by Jeffrey Kulger, Our Town by Thornton Wilder, and Frostfire by Amanda Hocking. Change could be a good or bad thing but normally its negative followed by a negative reaction from others. The first story is Simplexity. People react to emergencies very differently but the outcome is normally the same. In the text, Kluger, talks about the attacks during 9/11. The text states that, “the people who stayed behind in both towers on September 11, 2001- or waited too long before trying to leave- bore no responsibility for what happened to them that morning. They were, instead, twice victimized- once by the men who hijacked the planes and took so many lives; and once by the impossibly complex interplay of luck,…show more content…
Change can be a good thing but make others unhappy. In the play, Wilder, talks about when Emily and George get married and how it all happened. The Stage Manager says in act two, “…How do such things begin? George and Emily are going to show you now the conversation they had when they first knew that- as the saying goes- they were meant for each one another (Wilder 49-51).” After they talk about how it all happened, they talk about how everyone is happy that they found someone they could spend the rest of their life with and be happy. They also talk about how a lot of people are upset that Grover’s Corner is losing a good baseball player. Si says in the second act, “Nothin’ much, except we’re losin’ about the best baseball pitcher Grover’s Corner ever had… He could hit, too. And run bases… I just don’t see how he could give up a thing like that just to get married… (Wilder 40).” The change is how people react when something good happens but changes something else and the outcome is negative. This is a negative thing because when something good happens for one person but that makes others change something they love, then everyone is

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