How Did Eleanor Roosevelt Fight For Civil Rights

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The civil rights movement was an era filled with heartbreaking and enraging treatment of African Americans. During this time, Eleanor Roosevelt, wife to the 32nd president of the United States of America, was working hard to eradicate racism. Eleanor Roosevelt’s fight for civil rights included a broad range of subjects, reached many people, and ended in many successes. Eleanor Roosevelt’s fight against racial injustice began shortly after her husband, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, was elected president and she was able to see the many struggles of African Americans. As first lady, she was able to make connections that helped her in her fight. “Her first year in the White House, Mrs. Roosevelt traveled 40,000 miles, largely observing the Great Depression's devastation. She supported the Arthurdale homestead project and urged the Subsistence Homestead Administration to allow African Americans to participated. When…show more content…
Eleanor Roosevelt’s fight for equal rights for colored people was reached by people all over the nation. She was very vocal about her beliefs and had many ways of reaching people to share them. “She both lobbied government bodies and took her message to the general public through regular columns and radio broadcasts” (Eleanor Roosevelt and Civil Rights). In fact, the first lady had newspaper columns that she used in order to spread her beliefs. “ER used ‘My Day,’ her monthly question and answer column ‘If You Ask Me,’ and her lecture tours as a tutorial on race relations. Indeed, she devoted as many columns to civil rights issues as she did to the creation and positions of the United Nations. In many of these arenas ER assumed the responsibility of explaining the NAACP legal strategy in terms which the majority of her readers could understand” (Eleanor Roosevelt and Civil

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