Hawaii Vs Yellowstone Research Paper

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The similarities of the Explosive island of Hawaii and the differences of the Super Explosive National Park of Yellowstone! Hawaii and Yellowstone, 2 of the places that hold something that could kill many people. Many people don't think about how their lives are at stake when they visit both these areas. If you think about it, anyone's life can disappear within the flash of the orange and yellow lava that flows beneath their feet. With the lava that comes, the ash falls like snow and clogs the throats of everyone that dares to breath the deadly fall of ash. The location of these two places can be examined in either a beautiful way or a dangerous way. First of all, both of these are located on a hot spot. This means that the mantel of the earth is going through an upwelling because of the pressure. The magma in the hotspot produces active volcanos. Also, they are both located in the middle of a plate. Hawaii is locate in the Pacific Plate with an oceanic crust where as Yellowstone is on the North American Plate and is has lays on continental…show more content…
For instance, Hawaii's upwelling is caused by a hot spot. Most islands are found at tectonic plate boundaries either from spreading centers or from subduction zones. There are few hot spots on earth and the one under Hawaii is right in the middle of one of the largest crustal plates on earth the Pacific Plate. A geologic hot spot is an area in the middle of a crustal plate where volcanism occurs. Yellowstone's Geological Activity is slightly different. The likelihood of a volcanic "super-eruption" from Yellowstone, or any other location on Earth, remains very low in any given year. Yellowstone lies under one of the biggest calderas ever. It's hot spot is right in the middle of the park. If anything slightly changed, it could trigger a "super eruption". Yellowstone can have earthquakes that could change the terrain and set off a super eruption.

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