Hoodwinke Vs Boeingo

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Fairy tales have been close to children's and adults hearts alike for hundreds of years and over time, fairytale characters have changed and adapted to the modern likings of viewers. As a result of this, new flipped fairy tales are born. The following will explore different examples of fairy tale villains from the movies Tangled and Hoodwinked and will analyse, compare and contrast the villains actions, relationships and appearance. A traditional fairytale villain usually conforms to a certain image, however, modern fairytale villains have differentiated from that stereotypical view. A traditional villain is always visually different from the rest of the characters which indicates to the audience that the character is a villain, and a villain…show more content…
It is not evident to the audience in the early stages of the story that Boingo is the villain because he does not demonstrate the usual actions and traits that a traditional villain possesses. After all, Boingo is a jealous, power hungry villain hiding behind a cute, fluffy bunny. This is how he is different to a traditional villain because it is usually evident from the beginning of the story that a villain is a villain, and a villain is usually a figure of high importance, such as a lion or a witch, but in Boingo’s case he is a bunny and has less power than a superior figure. By the end of the story, Boingo’s true colours show and he displays typical villain characteristics by wanting supreme power and stopping at nothing to get it, even sacrificing Red, the heroine. It is evident that Boingo’s bad attitude stems from his personal injustices when he quotes, ‘I’m done dancing for the man, the Muffin Man, and Granny.’ Like a traditional villain, Boingo has a dramatic final battle with the heroine, but he does not have an iconic death because he gets arrested. Boingo shows another traditional villain trait by rising into power when the heroine or hero is weak and no matter how hard the hero tries, comes within inches of victory. He shows this when Red is at her weakest, trapped in a cable car and he takes this advantage to put his evil plan in full flight with the help of his allies. During this period, Boingo becomes more powerful than Red, but comes comes to an end during the final

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