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More enduring than any other sport, wrestling teaches self-control and pride. Some have wrestled without great skill- none have wrestled without pride. – Dan Gable. As far back as history goes, wrestling is one of the oldest known sports still being done today. The first recorded wrestling match took place 708 B.C in the Olympic Games in Greece but, there are cave paintings that depict wrestling that date as far back as 3000 B.C. Wrestling has had a place in history since its discovery. It wasn’t only recognized as a sport, but it was also used in some of the strongest military armies known for example the Spartans. Alexander the Great implemented wrestling in his military as well. Wrestling has evolved since its origins but the concept of…show more content…
This article is full of historical content about ancient Greek wrestling such as rules and workouts and even descriptions about the body of a wrestler. In ancient Greece wrestlers were the highest respected athletes since it was believed the wrestling was the ultimate measure of strength. There are some differences in modern wrestling than there was in ancient Greek wrestling. Besides the fact that Greek wrestling was done naked the scoring system was different the types of wrestling were also different there was upright wrestling which was done on the feet. There was no time limit and one loses by touching the ground with anything that was not their hands or feet. In this form of wrestling you can also concede defeat with a signal. Fear and intimidation was allowed in this event. The next type of wrestling was ground wrestling. The way to win this was to force your opponent into giving up. Hitting and kicking was allowed in ground wrestling. The way to win was if your opponent lost consciousness or conceded defeat due to pain or fear. Wrestling of today does not allow hitting or kicking and it is mixed with upright wrestling and ground wrestling. There was an event that implemented both upright and ground wrestling and this was called the Pankration. It used boxing and wrestling and was the most respected event. In modern day wrestling if your shoulders hit the ground that is a fall and…show more content…
It is a lot like ground wrestling of ancient Greece except it does not allow hitting or kicking or submission. For this I looked up folk style wrestling rules. It is a website that states the rules of folk style which allows a comparison with ancient Greece wrestling. However for someone with no experience of folk style wrestling the previous source might seem complicated. The folk style wrestling rules explained by Phil Henning goes into detail about folk style wrestling. Folk style is not in the Olympics so you will not find it in depth or at all in an Olympic rule book. Phil Henning Explains everything from the sound of the first whistle to the very end. For everything accepted as modern wrestling I looked to the Rule book and guide to wrestling freestyle, Greco roman, womens, and beach wrestling of 2014. This is baisically the laws of wrestling. Anything put into this book is implemented in all USA wrestling. It is written by the USA wrestling association. It does not have examples but it has all the rules of any type of wrestling In the US to its basic

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