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In Catcher in the Rye as the main character Holden Caulfield interacts with a lot of different people. When he interacts with all these different people you learn a lot about Holden as a person, like that he is easily irritated. You can also say that he is stupid , deceitful and lazy. Out of all the people he interacts with the 3 people that show Holden’s true character are Ackley, Sally and Mr. Spencer. How Holden interacts with Ackley shows how Holden is irritable and sarcastic. Like when Ackley comes into Holden’s room while Holden is reading quietly and starts talking away then Holden tells Ackley that the same sentence over 20 times when Ackley asks about the book is amazing . Holden has never really liked Ackley. Ackley decides to irritate Holden he tries to use sarcasm to make him leave. After Holden go the scissors out of his suitcase for Ackley, he started to cut his nails over the floor and it took Holden to have to yell at Ackley to not do that to get him to stop. Holden has a short temp so it’s hard for him to be patient with someone like Ackley. The fact that Holden yelled at Ackley instead of just letting it go shows how Holden has a short temper. As a result of Holden’s irritability he doesn’t make some very good…show more content…
For example when Holden gets drunk and decides call sally in the middle of the night. What was he thinking, oh right he wasn’t thinking he was drunk. But you can’t forget he is a minor he isn’t even supposed to be drinking. He is disrespectful in the fact that when sally doesn’t want to leave the skating rink with him, he calls her a royal pain in the ass. All because Sally doesn’t want to do it Holden’s way she is a pain in the ass it’s Holden’s way or the highway right? That also brings me to this if she is a pain in the ass why did he ask her out on a date? These examples show me that Holden holds other people to his standards but he doesn’t follow them which leads me to Mr.

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