Hinduism Compare And Contrast Buddhism And Judaism

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Buddhism and Hinduism In the early human history, there were several major belief systems such as Buddhism, Hinduism, Judaism, Christianity, and Confucianism. In many ways, these religions has shaped and influenced civilization to follow a specific code and rule all across the foreign countries. However, this paper will focus on two of the belief systems, Buddhism and Hinduism by understanding their similarities and how they both impacted people lives in the past. Buddhism and Hinduism have impacted the local cultures all across Asia in the classical era. Buddhism began around 500 B.C.; it was named after an Indian prince, Siddhartha Gautama (who was later recognized as the Buddha himself); he was known for giving up his wealth and fortune to become a religious teacher. Siddhartha’s teachings focused on human suffering, the fourth noble truth, and the transmigration of souls, karma, and several other areas that encompasses Buddhism beliefs. After the death of Buddha, his disciples decided to send missionaries to spread the Buddha religion all across the Asian country.…show more content…
The first religious sect was known as Theravada. Theravada became the most dominant in all of Southeast Asia (Sri Lanka, Thailand, and Burma). Theravada made every attempt to honor the original teachings of Buddha before his passing – the teaching of the fourth noble truth. The fourth noble truth was taught by Buddha to obtained Nirvana through the Noble Eight-fold Path: • Right understanding (to be able to obtain knowledge/understanding) • Right intention (to avoid dark thoughts) • Right speech ( to speak no

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