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While growing up in the 20th century American poet, Hilda Doolittle, also known as H.D was able to captivate her audience with a fresh perspective on poetry. Hilda Doolittle was a major part of the Modernist movement along with a few other poets. They were able to change poetry and shape it to what it has become today. Not only was she able to incorporate her feminist views into her writings but she also brought a new and exciting level of imagery to her works. Hilda Doolittle was born and raised in Pennsylvania in 1886, and then moved to London in 1911. It was here in London where her works and publications earned her a place within the then emerging Imagist movement right next to the other profound poets of the time. (“A Brief Biography”)…show more content…
Her idea was to create a new reality of the “rose” and show it in an unconventional way. When we first imagine the classic image of a rose we typically think of is a bright red flower with a large thorns. A strong flower that not only represents beauty and strength but also conveys femininity. In the poem she then explains the not so conventional flower the “Sea Rose” and its unique appearance. She explains this rose as “harsh” and “sparse of leaf” which then creates a new image of the rose in the readers mind. This makes the audience analyze the rose and find new meaning. Even though the rose is losing leaves and is “marred and with a stint of petals”(Prezi) it is also persistent and still a survivor. Even though in the poem she does not necessarily reference people, we can assume from her writings that she has that idea in mind because it’s a reoccurring theme throughout the poetry collection. The form of this poem seems to be free because with a structured form it would have lost the ability to look at the rose in different perspectives. The structure makes it easier for the audience to naturally read and flow through her writings without major pauses or breaks. This helps shape the reader to look at the “Big Picture” of the poem instead of focusing on each detail separately. Also she…show more content…
Hilda Doolittle’s feminist views are important to the 20th century poetic movement and can be seen throughout these poems through the use of imagery, structure and form. Many people had an impact on her writings as she matured as a poet, people such as, Ezra Pound, Williams Carlos Williams, T.S. Elliot, William Butler Yeats and many more. The fact that the majority of these are men truly shows the importance of her perspective as a women during the 20th century. (Mifflin)The majority of her works were about birth and death as well as love and war. H.D was known comparing “fire” and “ice.” She often spoke of fiery passion throughout her poems and liked to explore the polarity of male and female, masculine and feminine. Poetry would not be where it is today without Hilda’s works and her publications. She introduced a fresh perspective on poetry to the 20th century which helped shape poetry into what it is

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