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Tang-Viet Comparison When it came to reading the poems of the Tang dynasty and those of the Vietnamese poems, two of these poems has really caught the attention. One was by Du Fu, who wrote the poem “Moonlight Night” and the other was by Lam Thi My Da and the poem called “Skipping Stones”. Though these books were written from two different places in Asia at different time lines, they do share a good couple of things in common. So by comparing the two poems through the themes of their poems, the visual aspect, and the meaning of what these two poems share. In hopes of bringing attention to these two beautiful pieces. The First objective that is going to be compared is by the themes in the poems. Both of them share an aspect of loneliness and a means of yearning for something that they lost. For Du Fu, he yearns for his family and hopes of their safety. While Lam Thi My Da, yearns for her feelings of having nobody to be released. Both of which were either taken from them due to time or by a certain conflict that had occurred and wish to gain that back.…show more content…
In Du Fu's “Moonlight Night”, an image of a man in his mid forties is in his cell looking at the moon, thinking of his wife who is cold and her hair is wet is shedding tears about her and their children and hoping to see them again. While in Lam Thi My Da “Skipping Stones”, shows a women looking at a lake at night and she is throwing stones for them to skip. The images of her childhood, where she and her friends are full of joy and laughter, are brought back to reality as she gathers her loneliness to the stone in her hand and throws it to make the sorrow turn to joy. The images of the two give off a different form of sadness that makes one have the feelings of the two reach to the

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