High Nitrate Levels In Water Essay

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Nitrogen acts as a fertilizer for aquatic plant life and enters the water through runoff fertilizer, animal waste, and organic matter decomposing. High nitrate levels can affect the blood’s ability to carry oxygen, which can be dangerous. Water high in nitrate is not considered safe for drinking. Drinkable water would have nitrate levels below 4 ppm. Based on the results of the lab, the nitrate level on the hill was 5 ppm and less than 4 ppm by the dam. This indicates unpolluted water by the dam with low nitrate levels, and most likely less invasive plant life. The level of nitrates for the water on the hill is indicative of fair water quality. It is very likely that there is pollution and a large amount of plant life on the hill. It is believed that these results came back the way they did because there was more pollution on the hill and less by…show more content…
Samples of water were taken in test tubes and then tablets were dropped in. The color of the water would change based on Ph levels. The best quality of water would have a neutral pH of 7. Both testing sites came back with a positive result of pH levels at 7. This is indicative of basic water and overall biologically diverse life in the lake. It is believed that these results came back the way they did because there is no acidity from pollution in the lake. Phosphates are essential nutrients for plants residing in the lake. However, phosphates are only safe in low concentrations. The phosphate levels were found through a similar process to the pH and levels were determined through ppm. Anything above 0.03 ppm increases plant growth, but can become excessive above 2 ppm. Both test sites came back with phosphate levels at 1 ppm, which is considered healthy. This most likely means that there is very little pollutants containing phosphates, such as detergents, in the lake and indicates healthy plant growth that is not

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