Hera Vs Hercules

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There is two versions of Hercules; the Disney version and the original documentary version. They have many differences and similarities between them. A difference in them would be, in the Disney version Hercules, had Pegasus, but in the documentary, Hercules did not have Pegasus. In the Disney version, Hades, was the evil villain, but in the documentary, Hera was the evil villain. Hades was not in the documentary and Hera was not in the Disney movie. The goal of both Hades and Hera was the same; the both wanted Hercules to die. Hera wanted Hercules to die, because she was jealous of Zeus and wanted Hercules to pay for what Zeus did to her. Hades wanted to kill Hercules, so he could become the god of Olympus. In both the Disney

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