Francis Danby Noah's Ark Essay

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This painting was created by Francis Danby in 1840, and it is called “The Deluge.” The dimensions of the painting are 1099x707mm and the medium used was oil paints on canvas. Noah’s Ark is being portrayed in this painting. The story of Noah’s Ark was about a man named Noah, who was told by God to build an ark which would house two of every creature and all of the things necessary to sustain their life. In this story, God floods the earth in an attempt to purge the world of evil things. What Danby is showing you is what he visualized when this flood occurred, where humans and animals are holding on frantically to the ark, and in the corner you can see an angel crying over the dreadful death of a young child. The formal elements in this image are shape and color. Shapes are described as geometric, organic, static or dynamic. Geometric shapes consist of the basic shapes such as squares, triangles, and circles,…show more content…
Millas is a talented artist, and used the entire canvas to show a certain scene which he once witnessed. He used space by using three dimensional space and also positive and negative space. The three dimensional space is shown by elongating the picture so that you can see in the man in the distance as well as the location in which he is traveling. The positive space is taken up by the woman on the rock, which appears closest to the viewer and the negative space is the far view of the beach. He used many different colors in this piece, but mostly darker tones to show emotion. Color is also represented quite well in this photo. Light areas are meant to show where the light is striking the brightest, where as the dark areas are shown as shadows, where light cannot or does not reach. On the left side of the, the sky is the darkest which could mean that there is a storm approaching toward them, where as in the middle and right, you can see bits of light trying to speak through the

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