Essay On Food Security

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Introduction Food security is an issue that has been raised for decades. Why? Why is there food insecurity? Is it a myth or an artificially created agenda or something created because of the policies of the government? Governments, agencies, the United Nations and other NGOs are working relentlessly to control this issue. Food insecurity has claimed a lot of lives in the past and is doing so now and will not stop unless tackled. Food and agriculture organization (FAO) has planned enough strategies to overcome the food issue within a decade and with the help of local government’s they promise to fight off this issue. The objective of the research is to create a sense of responsibility among the individual’s and the authorities to make food…show more content…
Food security is a condition related to supply of food and individual’s access to it. Food security exists when all people have physical and economic access to sufficient safe and nutritious food. This type of food is normally made in a sustainable environment and people make the best decisions regarding their food. Food security further means that the people that are producing the food are able to earn wages/living through different means. Food security is a big term that consists of many various strategies, terms, crisis periods and all. But how the main thing is that how to do we know about food security? What actually is the way to calculate or recognize the food security? As discussed by the food and agriculture organization (FAO), there are four indicators or components of food security. 1) Availability Food availability means the supply of food. There has to be enough sufficient production and distribution so that there is food for everyone at a given time period and place. If we go further to discuss food production we come to know that there are various factors that determine this including land ownership, management, crop selection, harvesting etc. food production may be affected by unusual rainfall or changes in temperatures. Sometimes land is often used to urbanize or lost to desertification but the thing to understand is that nations don’t have always have a natural resource to produce crops which in turn secures food. To compliment this,
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