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Hector and Achilles, both great and renown warriors and revered by man, have core differences that create a sense of heroism around them. Both men are considered heroes, but they fight for different goals. Hector, who fights for the Trojans, has a motivation that is far from selfish. He fights for his land, and family’s honor (book 5). Achilles fights for self-glory and remuneration of his actions, selfishly ascending in the heroic ladder of arête. Both characters believe they are fated to die on battlefield as warriors, but approach war differently. Hector is heroic when stepping on the battlefield, but his human side is overshadowed by his love for his family. He does not want to widow his wife and leave his child, but he knows he has to…show more content…
He does not want to accept his fate at first. Achilles, however, demonstrates even more human traits/ He uses his human emotions, the warrior code that he learned through his mother, and his innate senses. Achilles is able to find a balance between two states, therefore resulting in actions that are very admirable. One considered of high glory for the public eye, and one of self-improvement and kindness. Even if Achilles is a static character throughout the Iliad, the characteristics he demonstrates end up being the most well rounded. While they both try to win glory and victor yin war for their families, country and themselves, they have very different courses of action and thoughts. They are both presented with conflicts and dilemmas throughout the story, such as Achilles’ rage towards hector due to Agamemnon, being blinded by it and leaving Achilles without self-reflection. In the end, this pride and rage was his demise. Hector though, has to go through self-conflict, when he realizes the gods have abandoned him or when once he gathered confidence, did not fee in the face of vastly superior

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