Bram Stroker's Dracul The Legend Of Dracula

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David Gnacinski Jeffrey Cahan College Writing December 22, 2015 The legends of the "Vampire" Are you scared of what goes bump in the night? The stories of the typical mythical creatures might not be as far from reality as thought by the masses. Vampires for instance are typically one of the most terrifying. Well did you know that vampires are actually considered real in some parts of the world? Vampires may be different in our story books, but the newspapers may tell you a different story in these countries. What is now Romania was once known as Wallachia, where the man that inspired Bram Stroker’s Dracula lived, Vlad III. He was the second brother of four to the Dracul family. (1) The Dracula name originated from King Sigismund of Hungary…show more content…
The second would be the impaling of his enemies on large spikes residing outside of his castle to warn would be transgressors and enemies of his strict moral code. This tactic would become one of the more popular known facts of Vlad Dracula. This method of intimidation is what caused people to begin calling him by a new name, “Vlad Tepes” (pronounced “tse-pesh”) which translates to the moniker he is most known by today, “Vlad the Impaler.” It is said that Vlad Tepes has killed 40,000 people from 1448 to 1476 using this…show more content…
Just before midnight, a group of six men from the village dug up Toma’s grave where they noticed that he had what appeared to be fresh blood on the corners of his mouth. They split open his chest with a pitchfork and removed his heart then proceeded to put stakes through the rest of his body before sprinkling him with garlic and placing the body back into the grave. They pierced and burned the heart, mixing the ash with water to create a grim cocktail for the sick woman to drink which residents of the village claim the woman had gotten better, but the police weren’t as

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