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1. ATTENTION GETTER: What comes to mind when you guys think of an HBCU? 2. REASON TO LISTEN: To get a better understanding of why HBCU’s face struggles 3. THESIS STATEMENT: In this speech I will go over what an HBCU is, when HBCU’s started struggling, and why HBCU’s are struggling. 4. CREDIBILITY STATEMENT: I have been intrigued with the issues that HBCU’s face for some time now. A. I have done research online regarding to the struggles HBCU’s face. 5. PREVIEW OF MAIN POINTS: I’m going to go over what an HBCU is, when HBCU’s started struggling, and why HBCU’s are struggling. Transition: I picked this topic to speak about because, HBCU’s are something that all of my family members have attended, and I hope to follow in their footsteps, and an HBCU will one day be my alma mater. So, first I will go over what an HBCU is. Secondly, when HBCU’s started…show more content…
Senator Justin Morrill started a movement in 1862 that would improve the state of public higher education in the United States. From this the Morrill Land-Grant Act was implemented, which gave federal land to each state solely to open colleges and universities. However, most of the colleges and universities that opened because of this act, were not opened for blacks…which was more so in the down in the south. 28 years later, in 1890, Justin Morrill refined his act, where now the stated that were using the federal funds had 2 options…Option 1- was to make school open for black and whites. Option 2- was to set aside certain funds for black colleges to use open schools. From the revision of the Land-Grant Act, 16 black institutions received funds and were able to open. Many HBCU’s have been in financial crisis however, since the great depression and World War II. B. HBCU’s, if compared to white institutions have always been underfunded, and were always given less money from the Land-Grant Act than other institutions. In 1992, the ruling of U.S. vs. Fordice by the U.S. Supreme Court did away with education

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