Hayleys Advantis Case Study

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The rewarding system of Hayleys Advantis follows a conventional style of recognizing the employees who have achieved the pre-set goals and objectives set by the company. Each employee is entitled to a set of rewards should he or she succeeds in reaching the targets that were handed out to them at the beginning of the period of assessment. The rewarding scheme follows traditional methods of pay increases, promotions, incentives, benefits, shares, additional leave, leisurely services, transport allowances, and improved facilities. This sort of a scheme is standard for all the related companies in the island, and there is little to no variation in terms of this strategy. Hayleys Advantis has a long standing recognition of enabling the employees…show more content…
What is evident is that people who are at the top levels of the respective companies are easily visible in terms of their work, and the people at the bottom of the ladder do not have much opportunity in gaining some recognition for their work. High preference is given to the top personnel of each company, and the chance of them being rewarded quickly is very high. The junior personnel of the companies have to strive harder in order to gain some recognition for the achievements they have brought to the company. This sort of a rewarding strategy does not bode well for such a high profile company. Hayleys Advantis should keep in mind that there are a lot of eyes rolling on their company and any failure to keep up with the professional and respectable standards of the industry could lead to loss of brand reputation. Proper focus on the achievements of the employees and rewarding them as per the guidelines should be the priority for the company, and this should not be biased towards the senior employees of the…show more content…
The large network of employees in various sectors performing a different range of jobs has set the company into a position where some sort of regulation needs to be adapted in order to keep track of the functions carried out by the employees. The human resource aspect of the company is centralized; Hayleys Advantis handles all the human resource activities of the subsidiary companies. This way, each and every subsidiary could focus on their core business operations and competencies, while the parent company makes sure the right personnel are present to do the right jobs. This sort of a strategy has work quite well for the company so far, helping it gain some huge feats in a combined manner. With this sort of structure in place, the method for monitoring employee performance too has been organized to mirror the operational functions. The performance assessments are intertwined between the parent company and the subsidiary company, in order to make sure there is proper coordination between the parties. This way, the employee could carry out his activities benefitting the lone company, and rack up a good reputation in the face of Hayleys

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