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One of the great stories that contains high adventure, action, and mystery is the book, Alex Rider Stormbreaker. This action packed adventure was written by the one and only, Anthony Horowitz. This story is about a boy, Alex Rider, who grew up with his uncle, Ian Rider. Ian Rider was supposedly a bank clerk, but turned out to be a spy working for an organization known as M16. After his uncle died, he was forced into working as a spy at age 14. His first mission was to be disguised as a winner of a contest. The reward was to be able to be the first person to try a new computer (the Stormbreaker) from the company called Sayle Enterprises. Alex’s goal is to find out what is suspicious about the production of the computers due to Mr. Sayle’s generous offer to give out thousands of these computers for free around the globe. There were some very incredible occurrences in this story. One of the best parts was when Herod Sayle was seven years old in complete poverty. In the back streets of Cairo, Herod was walking down Fez Street when he saw a piano fall out of the fourteenth floor window of a building. There were a…show more content…
This device is known as imagery. Imagery is the use of words and phrases to make mental images in the reader’s mind. An example of imagery in this book would be when the Stormbreaker computer was first being described. In the book, it says, “it was black apart from the white lightning bolt down the side---and the screen could have been a porthole into outer space...a second fork of animated lightning sliced across the screen, there was a swirl of clouds, and then in burning red letter SE, the logo of Sayle Enterprises” (Horowitz 86). Imagery is shown through this quote. It explains what the computer looks like from the outside to what it looks like on boot up. According to many book rating sites such as Goodreads, Amazon, and Barnes and Noble, Alex Rider Stormbreaker was given a rating of four out of five

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