How Does Bradbury Create Happiness In Fahrenheit 451

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Ray Bradbury’s Montag: In Search Of Happiness The thought of never having to read again might appeal to some people, but what a dull and boring world it would be with out books and critical thought. Just think; not being able to state your own opinion, not being in charge of your own happiness and being told what can make you happy and what can’t. Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury is really an eye opener. In this story Guy Montag changes from being a man who strictly followed and enforced the law to a fugitive on the run in search of happiness and a better future. Don’t put the key to your happiness into someone else’s pocket. This means you are responsible for your own happiness. In this book they want the people to be like robots, doing what they are told and not thinking about things too much. Reading books is against the law, because the government does not want you to think critically about different subjects. I believe that in Fahrenheit 451 no one is really…show more content…
Montag’s wife for example is only happy when she can buy new things on page 18 she wants to have a fourth wall T.V. installed but they cannot afford it right now. Montag says “that’s one-third of my pay.” “It’s only two thousand dollars,” she replied. “And I should think you’d consider me sometimes.” So his wife is not happy unless Montag is spending money on her and buying her new things. Another example about Mildred is one night when Montag came home he found that she had take her entire bottle full of sleeping pills. He called the ER and they came and sucked everything out of her stomach. In the morning when Montag confronted her about it she replies with, “Oh, I wouldn’t do that.” I believe that she did it because she was bored and did not have anything else to do, and could not find anything to fulfill herself because she looks for material goods to make her

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