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In Shakespeare’s “Hamlet,” many characters are forced to deal with the deaths and destruction of their loved ones. How they react to these events emphasizes their true morality and intentions. Hamlet and Laertes create a stark contrast between one another and exemplify how vengeance reveals character. In comparison to Laertes’, Hamlet is solemn, reluctant, and temperamental (volatile?). His hesitancy and contemplative attitude are portrayed by his lack of certainty and reluctance to follow through with any of his plans. However, Laertes’ compared to Hamlet can be seen as independent, abrasive, and impulsive. When faced with any situation, Laertes’ is quick to jump to conclusions and act upon his feelings. His tendency to lash out without truly thinking through the consequences illuminates just the…show more content…
The King states, “For your intent/ In going back to school in Wittenberg, / It is most retrograde to our desire,” (I.ii.114-116). Although Hamlet greatly desires to travel back to England, the King and Queen think it best that he remains in Denmark so they may watch over him. He solemnly obeys the commands from the King and Queen and stays behind, neglecting his heart’s desire. Similarly, Laertes intends on departing from home to travel to France. He approaches the King and asks for permission, but not before he continuously pleads with his father Polonius to gain his approval. Polonius exclaims, “Hath, my lord, wrung from me my slow leave/ By labersome petition, and at last/ Upon his will I sealed my hard consent.” (I.ii.59-61). Unlike Hamlet, Laertes is determined and unceasingly persists until he is able to get his way. In contrast to Hamlet, Laertes is seen as determined, independent, and strong-willed. When posed with similar situations, the true nature of each character is revealed. Because Laertes is steadfast and pursues after what he wants, Hamlet is seen as one who subordinates himself and does not take charge of

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