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I have decided to interview my half-sister, Tina, who is 28 years old this year. We have the same father, but different mother. Tina is a slim, slender woman at 5’5 with an Asian heritage. She has dark brown hair, brown eyes, and an olive complexion. Tina has a twin sister named Tiana, whom she has done everything with. She graduated high school 10 years ago and is now working as a dental hygienist. Even without a father figure in her life, she was still able to do amazing things. I chose to interview my half-sister because I would like to know how high school was for her without two parents. “If you could start high school over, what would you change?” I questioned. “If I could start high school over, I would probably take more AP classes to challenge myself more.” Tina answered. Tina felt like she “did not took high school serious enough” because she didn’t take a lot of AP classes. The only AP class she took was English and she wished she took more. AP classes are at a “college level based and they prepare you for the future.” Tina felt as if she took more AP classes in high school then maybe she would have done a lot better in college. “What part of high school did you find the most overwhelming?” I asked. “I found the most overwhelming part of high school was finding the right classes to take.” Tina answered with an exasperated sigh. I could…show more content…
She felt really pressured to do her best in high school and choosing your class can be quite stressful. “You want to take classes that you can benefit from.” Tina gave me the advice of “choosing electives that you will think will help you in your future.” When she was in high school, Tina didn’t know what career she wanted to pursue. She told me, “If I’m indecisive right now, just take different electives and see which one works.” Tina did not figure out her plan until senior

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