Grendel's Faith In Beowulf

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Grendel wasn't happy. Nor did he think it was possible for him to be. He was once a human, a captain and he had made sure to keep his title after his ship had fought against a ravenous storm. The ship lost the fight after the storm caused it to crash into a rocky shore. Grendel had been badly injured but he fared better than most of his crew who had been lost due to injuries similar to his or a disease they weren't able to overcome. The remainder of his crew made sure to treat him with the utmost care that they could. They focused most of their supplies to help him but the supplies didn't last long and the island itself was bare of meat and fresh fruit. Grendel felt his hunger grow until it became too much to bear. He had to eat. He only remembers…show more content…
Shortly after his hunger grew until it became insatiable. He was found by a wendigo. Instead of killing him, she took him with her to travel to the land of the Danes. She taught him how to hunt and how to stay hidden. It wasn't a life Grendel wanted, yet it was the life he had. He always left the swamplands they called home to avoid his mothers worried look or the smell of the human meat that smelt tantalizingly delicious so he wouldn't be tempted to eat. His limbs felt as though they were made of lead while his stomach ached for something to fill it up. He walked to Heorot and kept to the far back of the hall, watching as the people celebrated yet another victory of Hrothgar. Some were drunkenly singing praises to the king while others laughed, the overall mood of the hall was pure bliss and Grendel felt the edges of his lips quirk up as he felt he truly belonged in the hall with the others. Nobody bothered to include him in any conversation but he felt content just being…show more content…
Moonlight streamed from the window they passed and Grendel felt his chest tighten as he saw the man's face. The attacker wasn't a stranger. The attacker was Beowulf. Memories came flooding back of secret kisses and hushed confessions of love. He felt as if all the color had drained from the world. Beowulf, the man who made Grendel's life feel as though it had finally begun, was also the man who was here to make Grendel's life come to an end. The revelation made Grendel feel as though he was going to be sick as memories began to come flooding back. Grendel looked at Beowulf's face once more and it felt as though his heart jumped in his throat. He was use to Beowulf looking at him as if he hung the moon in the sky, but instead he saw an expression that was a mixture of hurt and anger. Grendel had to get out of there. He jerked his arm to get free, forgetting about his own strength. The arm tore off and the hall was filled with a terrible sound and as Grendel ran out, it occurred to him that the sound came from

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