Graham Vs Horton Dance Analysis

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Graham vs Horton Dance has been part of humans so many centuries ago. There are many different variations of dance around the world, jazz, hip-hop, ballet, contemporary, last but not least modern dance. There is a history of where and who initiated modern dance. All the choreographers that rebel in the 1920s rejected the classical ballet stance of having an upright and erect body. The first two well-known American dancers that had the courage to make a difference from classical ballet were Isadora Duncan and Ruth St. Denis. All because of them, Graham and Horton wouldn’t have had the chance to become extraordinary choreographers. Even though both were codified as modern dancers they are based on very different aspects such as…show more content…
When Graham moved to California with her family Martha’s desire to dance grew when she saw St. Denis perform at the Mason Opera House in Los Angeles. When the show was over Graham was already inspired and there was no way of stopping her. Graham with great inspiration enrolled in Denishawn School and company and becomes the most famous and potential pupil in other words she stood out from the rest of the students. Once she had acquire a great amount of knowledge she moved to New York where she practice dance solos in her own studio. Graham was not the only amazing choreographer in the modern era. Lester Horton was another bizarre choreographer/dancer. Lester on the other hand by seeing a performance of the Denishawn Company, had a great impact on him which pushed him to do things a bit different than Graham. Lester took off to California right when New York City was considered the center of the craft of modern dance. To Horton location didn’t matter his decision was well made by forming his first dance company. Graham has a very influential background based on her decision on creating her path towards…show more content…
You will most likely see modern dance listed as a class offered on the schedules of most dance studios. All thanks to the pioneers Isadora Duncan and Ruth St. Denis who evolve this new type of dance. Martha Graham and Lester Horton they both have made a great impact in the dance world. Both of these choreographers went through a lot to make a change in the modern era which was for a great change. Graham was inspired by seeing a piece of Ruth St. Denis she then pursue her dream by creating her own codified technique, movement/choreography rooted and grounded in gestures that showed pain, love, and fear. Horton as well persevere his dancing career by creating his structural technique which helped dancers express their innermost emotions. His dances were very inspirational but nothing compare to Graham. Graham was by far and still is one of the best choreographers in the world I would definitely want to follow Graham steps. Graham made an enormous difference in the world of modern, she I well known and will never be

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