The Pros And Cons Of Nazi Germany

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The conditions in Germany under Hittler’s leadership were a lot better than when Hitler was not leader because when Hitler was elected he promised Germany national revival and Hitler also promised employment to the unemployed, to bring order to all the chaos by removing political opponents. However the three main points that i will cover will be the concept of a totalitarian state, the positives of Nazi Germany and the Negatives of Nazi Germany Totalitarian is when an individual like yourself is under total power of those in authority, however if you were in power one of the most important steps to maintain your power and control over people was to set up a good security system to enforce ideas and policy’s. Hitler done this by the use of ss military corps and Gestapo these two groups were used by Hitler to enforce the ideas…show more content…
, also alot more celebration took place as well as festivals, everyone was happy because the promises were being kept and they all had jobs again to continue getting money to support their families, and the tourism in Nazi Germany also grew due to more of the world hearing all of the good things coming out of Germany and with the spike in tourism the Germans also grew pride in their country causing them to increase in their nationalism. In many of the Germans eyes they would say that Germany was getting rebuilt, they said this because everything was changing around them as they went on about their lives. And lastly labour camps were getting built throughout Germany these camps were set up to teach how to do the work they needed for life (BBC Two, 2011), therefore all of these positives effects that the Nazi Party bought to Germany made life a little bit better for the

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