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Introduction Jesus’ message through the gospel of Luke is to take value of what life is all about. Life is about living not for us but for the God that has created all of humanity. Instead of seeking material fortunes and materials, all of God’s people should be living by seeking the Kingdom of God.1 Those who take value in the pleasures of the earth are greatly fooled because those substances are not all that the body needs to function. The pleasures that humans obtain on earth such as wealth, food, and clothing will not go with people when they die. Not even flesh but just the spirit alone shall face God in His Kingdom.1 Even through death all the possessions that were obtained do not hold a place for the individual in Heaven. The rewards…show more content…
However Jesus alleviates their worries by helping them to understand and for all readers of Luke to understand that God will provide for them no matter what.2 God even provides for those that do not deserve it like ravens who are considered evil animals or lilies who do not work at all to gain that beauty that God blesses them with.1 He wants them to understand that worrying about possessions or the unknown future does nothing, it only creates anxiety and either way life will go on. Through Jesus’ healing words the disciples are able to recuperate and realize that God will always provide no matter what the circumstance…show more content…
Jesus exemplifies the words of God and the disciples represent all of God’s children especially those who worry about their future.2 There are also archetypes and symbols in this excerpt. Ravens are unclean birds but God cares for them.1 These ravens mentioned in the scripture reveals Gods indiscriminate goodness.1 The flowers or lilies have done not one thing to grow so beautifully which proves that God can provide for even those of small faith. The grass that are made so splendidly are so short-lived that that they are used for fuel in the oven but God makes them as if they will live forever.1 This shows that God’s love and care is everlasting in conditions even in the absence of human

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