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Gospel music is a music genre in Christian Music. Gospel music is played and performed for many purposes. Some of its purpose are religious or ceremonial, and as an entertainment to make profits. Gospel music has been around since the 17th century. The first published gospel song in the genre of gospel music was in 1874. There are four main types of gospel music; urban contemporary gospel, southern gospel, gospel blues, and Christian country music. Gospels music is used to give testimony of what the lord can do will do, and has done. It is also used to stir up ones spirit and bring them closer to Jesus. It gives the body of Christ hope through songs to help them along the way. Artists use gospel music to preach the gospel through song. Gospel…show more content…
Gospel music was only used back then for those who could not read. It gave them the opportunity to participate in worship by the repetition of words in the music. At this time hymns and old Negro spiritual came about. They were sung in a call and response. Churches relied on hand clapping and foot stomping to keep the beat and to apply other rhythms within the music. There would be guitars and tambourines in some churches, but it was very seldom. Choirs became popular in churches after the emancipation proclamation. Most of the singing before then and during was sung a cappella. The first published song under the genre of gospel was in the 19th century in the year of 1874 by Philip Bliss. He later on released a songbook called Choice Collection of Hymns and Tunes. The songbook described a new style of gospel music. It included songs that were easy to learn and easy to sing along to. In the 19th century the sanctified era began. This era was formed for people who weren’t accustomed to hymns and old Negro spirituals. A new type of worship music was formed, holiness. Holiness worship used any and all types of instruments the congregation would bring to church to worship. The mainly used electric guitars and tambourines. Pentecostal churches adopted and played a huge roll in publishing gospel music in the early 20th century. There were many musicians that were raised in Pentecostal churches, and holiness worship…show more content…
Gospel music changed from being strictly for church to reaching audiences that by applying pop, rap, blues, etc. With the help of these other types of genres, Gospel music has changed the lives of many people. It has not only changed the artists who sing the gospel songs, but also the people listening. Gospel music is played, listened to, and made all over the world. There are 7.25 billion people on earth. There are 2.18 billion Christians. That’s makes up nearly a third of the population on earth. One out of every 4 people listen to gospel music. That means 1.82 billion people listen to gospel music on earth. That makes gospel music one of the most played genres on earth. Urban contemporary gospel is used mainly to give a Christian alternative to mainstream secular music. The style of urban contemporary formed in the 1970s. The genre was well established in the 1980s. This type of gospel music is known to be “black gospel”. This style of gospel music comes from traditional black gospel music but, but with a influence of secular pop music. It has a faster tempo than traditional gospel music, and has more syncopated rhythms. This style of gospel music is rap music with gospel

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