Freddie Kruger's A Nightmare On Elm Street

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A Nightmare on Elm Street is a horror story that has nine films, novels, a television series, and books. The label began with the film that was created (by Wes Craven). Freddie Kruger mainly scares his victims in their sleep or kill them in the dreams because of what their parents did to him at the factory. Some teens are hunted by a serial killer who kills his victims in their dreams. The children that are still alive are trying to find the reasons for being chosen by Freddie, he won't lose a chances to kill them when they fall into a deep sleep. He counted when he was haunting them in their sleep. He could only get to them only if the remember what happen when they were little. So when they found out what had happen and who he was he would…show more content…
When some children began to talk to their parents of him doing horrible things to them in the school basement, the parents were angry. So they formed a mob and went to after him. But he had fled the school and the parents eventually caught up with him, chasing him down to an abandoned factory and burning him alive inside of the factory. So he came back to haunt the kids in their sleep. He tries to get the children he molested, now teens, to remember him by haunting them in their sleep. Once they are at their weakest, he kills them as they drift off to sleep. When Nancy Thompson and Quentin Smith are the only Elm Street kids left in the movie, they begin to do look up to figure out who this bad dream man really is. They find the abandoned factory, run-down pre-school and the hidden “room” which was a crawl space. It was where Fred would take the children and do awful things to them. Nancy found pictures of herself as a child in the hidden room. So they asked their parents about the man and the parents didn’t want to talk about it. So Nancy and Quinton decide to get rid of Freddie Kruger there self’s to bring him out the dream world and into the real world and kill

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