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White Golden Retriever White Golden Retrievers are popularly called as the “English cream Golden Retrievers” as well. They are the most loved four-legged animal friends in the world. People desire them for the charm that they exude. These dogs are loyal and devoted to their masters. They go on to great lengths to make their masters happy and cheerful. These dogs fit right in into all kinds of circumstances, whether it is on the training grounds, tracking of things and people, and even in the midst of families in a home. They become friends with everyone almost easily. The White Golden retrievers are smart and highly intelligent. You can entrust your kids with them. They are also great companions for the elderly at home. Read on to know more…show more content…
The White Golden Retrievers are commonly bred for a whole lot of reasons. These reasons range from mild temperaments, excellent health conditions, strong and sturdy body structure, fun loving nature, and as a great watch dog. More about White Golder Retrievers They are known to sport luscious and thick double fur coats that keep them warm and comfortable during extreme weather conditions. You will find hints of golden colors all over the white Golden retrievers. Due to the slight golden hues on their white fur coat, these dogs are also commonly recognized as both cream and white Golden retrievers. The white Golden retriever dogs differ from the Golden Retriever dogs in their temperament and color. All the Golden Retriever types are known to be friendly and good natured, however the white Golden Retrievers are known to be more laid back than the other Golden Retrievers. Body type of the White Golden…show more content…
The fur coats of the white golden retrievers are easier to maintain and brush regularly. They also shed much lesser hair than the other golden retriever dogs, due to the fact that they have lesser hair on their fur coats. The shedding period for the White Golden retrievers is also less messy than the others. They also require lesser time periods and frequencies of grooming. The White Golden Retrievers are better adapted to more warmer climates due to the lesser thickness in the fur coats. Apart from the above, the White Golden retrievers also differ from the traditional Golden Retrievers by their bone and body structures. The body and bone structure of the White Golden retrievers are sturdier and stickier as well. Their head structure and shape also differ from the rest. The shape of the head of these dogs is more of the square shape and tapering sharply towards the sides, whereas the normal Golden retriever dogs’ head structures are longer and broader like those breeds of the American Golden Retrievers. The eyes of the white Golden retrievers are darker and more pronounced. And in places like England and America, the facial features of the white golden retrievers will be slightly different from the other native golden retriever

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