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In “Tragedy”, singer Marc Anthony uses a mixture of salsa and pop influences to convey his words through an upbeat style of music. By doing so, he shows that he has detached himself from his former partner without any grievances clearly stating that “this won't be no hard goodbye”. However Anthony reveals that he still holds onto lingering feelings for his former partner, as he frequently repeats “She doesn’t mean it, say that she don’t”, and expresses his disbelief with her words. Alternatively, in “Something just ain’t right”, singer Keith Sweat uses contemporary R&B to expresses his feelings of heartache and uneasiness that he experiences throughout his relationship. Sweat indicates his anxious feelings about his partners recent actions as he exclaims “Tossin’, turnin girl/I just can’t sleep at night/Ooh you’ve been cheating on me..Something just ain’t right”. Although the theme of both songs are similar, the situation and the actions that the two take vary. Anthony…show more content…
Most can relate to how Anthony concealed the pain he felt from the way he was being treated as he would not cry for her as he states “Without knowing why you turned/ around and treat me so bad...I’ll just hold my tears inside”. Anthony brings to light that even though “She doesn’t love me no doesn’t mean it’s a tragedy”, doing this brings a glimmer of hope towards those who feel that even though the person who they considered to be their world no longer holds the same feelings for them it won’t be the end of their world. However, those who would prefer to try and mend their broken relationship would relate more deeply to Sweat. Those who would prefer Sweat can relate to the sneaking suspicions and insecurity that he feels as he states “I called you home/ and the phone just keeps on ringing...I can't sleep at night/ the thought of someone holding you

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