Ghiberti And Brunelleschi Analysis

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Competition between Brunelleschi and Ghiberti The commission to create a second set of doors for the Baptistery was declared in 1401 and five competitors set out for the competition and the two finalists were Ghiberti and Brunelleschi (Lubbock 150). Though Ghiberti won, I feel Brunelleschi should have won the competition for a number of reasons. At a distance the two sculptures appear similar. However, the only thing similar about them is the fact that they both use the same scene from the story of Abraham and Isaac when the angel of the Lord appears before him to stop him from sacrificing Isaac. Brunelleschi uses schematic landscape and drama in the sculpture than Ghiberti whose connection between the elements in the sculpture is admirable, but whole piece does not come together…show more content…
His piece appears more real and has more depth than Ghiberti’s sculpture. This has been created by the bush in the top right hand corner and rocks and other plant vegetation. The animals and servants all seem to be in the same moment as Isaac and Abraham. This creates a depth to the piece. This is because they are all bowing down either as a result of God’s presence shown through the presence of the angel or because of the pain of Isaac being sacrificed. Either way, all the elements in the sculpture are interrelated in this way. Brunelleschi’s piece has a dramatic flair about it. This is because the angel has come just in time to hold Abraham’s hand before he slaughters his son. This dramatic flair adds depth and meaning to the sculpture. Anyone unaware of the biblical story on which this sculpture is based will immediately know that this is a matter of urgency. The angle of the angel is also dramatic because it has been portrayed in such a way that he appears to be swooping in at just the right moment. It is as if he was just about to sacrifice his son and this is how it was meant to be. Brunelleschi expresses his view

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