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There are a few basics that need to be known about fantasy football for people who may not know how to play. The basic principle of fantasy football is to build a team and then earn points based on how the real-life player performs. One thing to keep in mind is to pick players who may have the potential for a good statistical season. Fantasy football rules will vary based on the type of format that is used. Fantasy football will have two basic formats. You may be in a league that consists of a group of people who may include co-workers, friends, or family members. Another option is to join an online league to compete against others located in different geographic areas. There are various free online contests that are available to get started…show more content…
There will be a mathematical formula used for earning points. This can include points that are awarded for passing, a rushing touchdown, and others based on a site's fantasy football rules. One thing to keep in mind about any online or group contest is finding the best draft tips before choosing players for a team. There are tips for beginners that are available on the site for a contest and many other sites used for the accumulation of player statistics. Many people in a local area often choose to create a league and use a set of rules that have been set up by the group or organizer. The person who is running the league is the commissioner. One important aspect to keep in mind about a fantasy football league is the outline used for the process. This includes how many players to draft and other options. Look for commissioner tips to apply when determining the options and rules that will apply to your league. Keeping things fun is the most important aspect of fantasy football. Any disputes or problems require a resolution that can come from a group vote or by the commissioner of the league. Another aspect about fantasy football is choosing players. This is typically done using a mock draft. One option is an auction draft picks process for owners to choose players for their

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