Hamlet Protection Of Ophelia Essay

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Hamlet’s interpretation of the play seemed to signify solely on the means of avenging his father and his disapproving agitation towards his mother. Throughout the play, it centered on Hamlet’s concern with his family problems whereas his relationship with Ophelia was indistinct. The foundation of Hamlet and Ophelia’s relationship was star crossed from the beginning displaying the tragedy that would be set for them as a finale. It would be safe to assume that Hamlet had somewhat an attraction for Ophelia but whether he was in love with her through his madness was not clearly specified within the play. Although, from his actions and his careful attentiveness towards her reflects his true feelings and personal affections for Ophelia which eventually gets sidetracked and not very focused in the play. Hamlet’s main focus was…show more content…
He does not seem to be focused on Ophelia much in the play. Although at the same time, Hamlet does feel the need to protect Ophelia from the surplus drama involving everyone around him. According to Khan from The Southeast Asian Journal, the nunnery scene was an attempt for Hamlet to guard Ophelia from getting tangled in the drama. When he tells Ophelia to “get thee to a nunnery”, he seemed unsure of her purity and her trust. With his mom betraying Hamlet within the play, he becomes cynical of all women around him and initiates to lose that trust with Ophelia as well (Kumamoto). Therefore, he tells her to seek a nunnery in an attempt to keep her safe from the “breed of sinners” (Khan). In the article, Khan explains that Claudius will be able to hurt Ophelia if she is still in love with him, making her threatening and vulnerable. In a way, the idea of sending her to a nunnery was due to the fact that it was a place where women cannot marry and be protected from other men’s lustful acts indicating that Hamlet does not want her

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