Satans Deceit Book Report

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Introduction First of all, I would like to make it very clear that this book does not discuss any religious beliefs or the doctrines and practices of any church whatsoever. My only attempt here is to reveal to you how Satan’s deceit causes us to believe what is false and why there are so many different faiths and churches that exist. I dedicate my findings to those who have a sincere, honest heart and are willing to put forth a dedicated effort that is required by God in order to follow His teachings in truth to the best of their ability. It is a sincere outreach to those who have a true desire to live a Christian life with the ultimate hope of gaining eternal life in heaven and escaping the eternal damnation of suffering in hell. The purpose of this book is an attempt to reveal to you the deceitful tactics of the most treacherous enemy against Christianity one could ever face. At this very…show more content…
Most regard him as a spiritual being with a red cape, green eyes, horns and a pitchfork. Wrong! Wrong! Wrong! He is a being that is so intelligent and powerful that he actually believed he could rebel against God and win. That puts him in a category of being as close to God as one could get. It is no effort at all for Satan to deceive people and lead them into hell as sheep before its shearer. It is much easier for Satan to lead people to eternal damnation than it is for God to lead people to eternal life. Satan has quite an advantage over God because he offers us the glitter of the whole world, things that are tangible, things that we can see and touch. Everything that God offers us is not tangible, it is not seen. We are to believe by faith, and that is a very difficult choice over that we see and know; that is the very reason why only a FEW will be saved. The proof of that is found in the scriptures when Jesus will say to MANY on judgment

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