How Did Napoleon Bonaparte Support The Ideals Of The French Revolution

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The French Revolution was a revolt caused by the angry citizens of France that fought for many rights and ideals that the people believed in and were bereft of at the time. A man named Napoleon Bonaparte initiated a coup d'état in 1799, seizing power over the Directory, an executive body of five men. He then created a new government known as the Consulate, of which he was the head, and three other men were consuls. Napoleon, though guilty of actions such as nepotism and waging wars against other European nations, assisted in putting many of the ideals of the French Revolution into practice. Napoleon was a great supporter of the ideals of the French Revolution. This may have been due to having been born on Corsica, an island owned by the French, and to being the son of a minor aristocrat. His reforms got rid of the Old Regime, and instead established the idea of human equality in all forms of status. The idea of egalitarianism can also have said to be included within the government, education and in law. One of Napoleon's reforms was of education. He set up schools that were run by the government called lycees. His intention was to create government officials who expressed dedication and loyalty to France as well as its wellbeing. However, since these…show more content…
He centralized and gave control to the government, thus making it more efficient. Also, the military was arranged in a way that those of excellence would rise to higher ranks rather than rich men instantaneously gaining high ranks due to their social status. Lastly, the taxes that were specifically targeted to the Third Estate, the peasants and middle class people, were changed to be inclusive of all of the Estates. This meant that the clergy and nobility that were formerly exempt from taxes now had to pay for them like everyone

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