Synthesis Of Borax And Glue

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Borax and glue Background Research: Borax is a common mineral, also known as sodium borate. It is found in some soaps, toothpastes, and laundry boosters. Sometimes, it is also used as pesticide. When mixed with glue, it undergoes a transformation into a substance called slime. This is caused by a chemical reaction in the compound. Borax in water causes an ion called borate ion to form. Mixed with glue, the borate ion and the glue solution link, forming slime. This is a chemical change, causing a new substance to form. It also has chemical energy because it has the potential to change chemically. It does not have the properties for a physical change, and it is also not a mixture, because a physical change still has the same substances,…show more content…
It also displays physical change when we interact with the slime. It is still the same substance, but not the same physical form. Chemical energy is shown in the potential to create a chemical reaction inside the ingredients. All of these relate to what we are learning in class, because we are learning about chemical and physical changes already. Adding to that, we also learned about chemical energy and other different types of energy. Pose Question: Does the amount of the borax in the solution affect the properties of the slime? Hypothesis: We predict that the more borax there is in the water, the harder the slime would be. We think that this will happen because if we mix glue and water, it would just dissolve. With borax, it hardens, so more borax should get the slime harder, but having the right amount of borax will make the slime soft and glutinous. Design an Experiment: Materials list: Elmer’s white glue Borax Water Cups Food coloring (Optional) Procedure: First, add some borax to water and stir…show more content…
The physical changes we observed were the slime stretching and changing its shape when we interacted with it. The chemical changes we observed were the borax and glue turning into slime. We determined that the transformation the slime underwent was a chemical change because the borax and the glue changed into a different substance. This method of classifying may not be accurate all of the time, because sometimes, we don’t know if it actually changed. We decided that shaping the slime was a physical change because only the physical form of the slime changed. The chemical properties of the slime itself did not change at all. When the slime goes through a physical change, it would not lose or gain weight. This is because the mass is still the same and it would not increase with only interactions. (Unless we add more slime to

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