Stem Cell Research Persuasive Speech

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Since ancient times; diseases and cancer were ubiquitous in this dark world. Until that is, we went through scientific and medical breakthroughs in the Modern Era. We are now drawing on that drawing board, and that would be Stem Cell Research. The affirmation of Stem Cell Research should be amicable, religion should not hinder us away, as there are other ways to move forward without it being unethical. The potential of Stem Cell Research is high and gives great promise, it will be the torch for this era. Stem cells are undifferentiated cells, meaning that they have not yet decided what they are. Unless that is, we make them into what we want. Cells that are needed for the human body like lung cells, we could turn those undifferentiated cells…show more content…
When a patient is diagnosed with cancer, the patient will be under chemotherapy. During chemotherapy, the patient will receive doses of radiation, however it also destroys the bone marrow if there is a high amount dosage. The bone marrow is what produces blood cells to keep us running, without it we will be dead; either way you would die if you cannot eradicate the cancer cells and not destroy the bone marrow. To prevent this from happening, is stem cells! A stem cell transplant will recover the bone marrow, which in return will allow you to receive higher doses of radiation to destroy the cancer…show more content…
The reasoning behind this is how traditional ways of obtaining stem cells are unethical. The traditional way of obtaining stem cells were from fetuses or destroying embryos. Now that there is a better way to acquire stem cells, it is not a violation of faith anymore! Although conventional ways seem unethical, there is still a good understanding about it. “My faith says that you help people who are vulnerable, who are in need of help and who are sick, and that’s what this does. Couples undertaking in vitro fertilization would be throwing the embryos away once the couple decides against using them.” (Hynes) Although you are destroying an embryo the traditional way, many people who oppose stem cell research would be destroying it anyways; as they would throw away the embryos. Why would we throw away something that would save another person’s life? Using these embryos to save a person’s life is much more valuable than discarding

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