A Midsummer Night's Dream Compare And Contrast Essay

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A Midsummer Night’s Dream was a well renowned and one of the best plays ever written by William Shakespeare. The movie and the play both had the main idea which was the adventure to seek true love. The play had undergone numerous transformations, and was re-invented in dozens of films such as A Midsummer Night’s Dream (1999) directed by Michael Hoffman. Even though the movie and the play was based on the same story written by Shakespeare, there were many variations in the characters and plots, and many differences in experiences; watching the play versus the movie. There were many key differences between the Hoffman 1999 movie and the actual play that could be found in the characters. Hippolyta in the play was a big, sturdy, and strong woman because she was an Amazon queen and was wooed by Theseus’ blade in battle. Another variation in the play was Bottom. In the play, it was never mentioned or implied that he was married so it was suggested that he was a single man. The last difference between the characters was when everyone in…show more content…
First of all, Hermia and Helena only fought verbally and no one was hurt. Also, Bottom was not pranked on in the city when they were rehearsing. The last difference was when the dog did nothing to bring comedy to the play. Whereas in the movie, Helena was hurt and she fought with Hermia in the mud therefore brought more comedy to the movie. Bottom was also soaked in wine by some kids on the roof when he was roaring to the crowd in the city thus his big ego was diminished so Peter could cheer him up and convince Bottom to play Pyramus and Pyramus only. Lastly, the dog interrupted the play when it was being presented to the duke, duchess, and the 2 other newlywed noble couples therefore brought more humor to the movie. So, the audience’s point of view about the story either by reading the play or watching the movie was

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