Disappearance Of Bees Essay

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The Disappearance of Bees Dear Grandpa Bill, When I was first informed about the disappearance of bees I could not have been happier! Being painfully stung more than five times has only made my fear of bees worse. However, after researching this topic I know how significant bees are in the environment and how devastating it would be to live in a world without these helpful creatures. Honeybees and flowers have a mutualistic relationship meaning that both organisms benefit from the interaction. A flower provides the bee with nectar to make honey while the bee pollinates the flower to create offspring. As a bee lands on a flower to obtain nectar, the pollen from the anthers accidently gets stuck to the bee’s fury exterior. When the bee travels to another flower, the pollen on the bee falls onto the stigma of the flower (Henein & Langworthy, 2009). Anthers are the male reproductive structures of the flower and the stigma is…show more content…
Because bumblebees are important pollinators, they have a critical role in our ecosystem. Many animals such as birds and bears rely heavily on pollination in order to survive. When a bee pollinates a plant, it produces flowers and seeds in which these animals feed off of (Miller, 2014). If animals did not have these food sources then they would either become extinct or depend on other animals to feed them. Humans would also be changing their diet if we lived without bees because most of our fruits and vegetables come from the work of the honeybee. After pollination and fertilization in a flower, cells form into a seed and the seed becomes a fruit (Henein & Langworthy 2009). Without this process, these nourishing foods would not be on our plates. I am sorry to tell you this Grandpa Bill, but although we can rely on the wind to pollinate flowers, it is possible for the prices of produce to escalate if we resort to pollinating crops by

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