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In 1941 Orson Welles, a very creative director, actor, and artist, created a film called Citizen Kane. Welles included cinematography, music, sound and a few of the other components of film. Using these he created and demonstrated many remarkable scenes and performances throughout the film. However, in the film world or industry there is a huge dispute about the classic motion picture. Some critics call it a raw, divergent and classical masterpiece or the Greatest American film ever made. While others believe it is a triumph of form over content or a movie production blown out of proportion. This film is rather interesting unique, it has great point, scenes the use of technique. On the other hand I also recognize and understand where both viewpoints are coming from.…show more content…
Welles examples of cinematography, the lighting, black and white camera shots were all portrayed and expressed in great detail. For instance, he demonstrated deep focus, which requires the cinematographer to use the correct combination of lighting, composition and the specific camera lens in order to produce a larger depth of field. In the flashback scene where Kane was a young boy playing in the snow, his mother, father and another man were discussing important matters. In this scene the mother was closer to the camera, the father farther back near the door, the other man closer to Kane’s mother creating a big gap where Kane was outside the window in the background. This set up or structure gives the audience a choice of where to look and decide which area is important, rather than limiting their attention to focus on one specific

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