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“One step for man, one giant leap for mankind”. That was the quote in which Neil Armstrong stated as he made history. July 16th was when history would be made. The date was July 16, 1969 that the takeoff was established. There were many steps and precautions taken before they had planned the mission to space. (Cole, Michael D.)This day was the day that the world was amazed by how the first 3 astronauts were Armstrong, Collins, and Aldrin were the first people to ever arrive on the moon.(Cole, Michael D.) T Neil Armstrong was the first astronaut to actually set foot on the moon.(Cole, Michael D.) There were many Experiments that they had to do to prepare for the trip to space. An example of one of the experiments they had to do was when Aldrin took a solar wind experiment to test the air. Another is when Collins had tried infer what types of things they would need for the trip. (Cole, Michael D.)They had to many experiments like those ones to get data for the trip. They had to collect a lot of bulk samples to get records of all activity. (Cole, Michael D.)…show more content…
When Apollo 11 has arrived on the moon, they had gotten there on the dark side. (Cole, Michael D.)Neil Armstrong was the 1st man to actually set foot on the moon.The date they arrived home was July 24, 1969. (Cole, Michael D.)The spacecraft had not burned up like it had seemed to in the pictures and other resources. Friction in the atmosphere made this appear to be happening.(Cole, Michael D.) The 363-foot-tall Apollo 11 space vehicle was launched from Pad A, Launch Complex 39, Kennedy Space Center, at 8:32 a.m. EST, July 16, 1969. It was the United States' first lunar landing mission. The launch vehicle, AS-506, was the sixth in the Apollo Saturn V series and was the fourth manned Saturn V vehicle. After a 2½-hour checkout period, the spacecraft was injected into the translunar phase of the mission.(Cole, Michael D.)

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