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“The only thing we have to fear is fear itself.” These empowering words were once said by Franklin Delano Roosevelt, the only president to serve four terms. Franklin Delano Roosevelt once said he had seen one-third of the nation struggling, but through all of his hard work and bravery Roosevelt fought through his battle at home, across the nation, and abroad. A very brave and courageous man, deserving to keep his legacy alive, is honored at the beautiful Franklin Delano Roosevelt Memorial along the Tidal Basin in Washington, D.C. The Franklin Delano Roosevelt Memorial is an unusual memorial due to it being open-aired and including not one statue, but many statues and waterfalls, and various quotes. The walls of the memorial are made of 6,000 tons of red granite that can only be found in middle eastern states and covers…show more content…
The FDR Memorial took over 40 years for the memorial to be dedicated by the National Park Service, but once the dedication took place over 7,000 people came to visit this historical landmark just on the day of the opening. The sculpture of FDR in the wheel at the entrance was not originally in the design but shortly after the opening it was administered by the government. Between Leonard Baskin, Neil Estern, Robert Graham, Tom Hardy, and George Segal they spent years making their contributions with their nine sets of bronze statues. The whole memorial’s architecture was all collaborated by Lawrence Halprin. The FDR Memorial is a must see in our nations capitol. Join the millions of tourists who visit the 48 million dollar structure annually. Originally, the soil around the Tidal Basin was too soft to support 31,000 stones so in 1994 workers drove 900 posts 80 to 100 feet below the ground. After all the years of planning and designing the Franklin Delano Roosevelt Memorial is accessible to all

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