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Because of his large collection of fans, all listening,watching, and responding to his every move, Every mark Sinatra made on the music world was prominent, and effected a large portion of music lovers and those in musical careers. This, along with the new-age culture surrounding "The Voice", combined to result in an ultimate change in the music industry. Before this charming artist made his mark, music lacked passion and colloquialism; rather, it was merely charming and enchanting noise. Sinatra introduced sincerity into music; an element that was nearly foreign to Americans. Additionally, The artist carried with him an even more unfamiliar phenomenon; fans. Delightfully and playfully labelled "bobby-soxers", these Sinatra fans were among…show more content…
Much more, these fans included a brand new audience, youth, who would become dominant music lovers in the future. This also results in Frank Sinatra being the first ever teen idol. These fans were no mild bystanders, as evidenced by the famous "Columbus day Riot" in 1944, where some 35,000 young girls mobbed the New York Paramount studio just to hear "Ol' Blue eyes" sing. Astonishingly, "200 police, 421 police reserves, 20 radio cars and two emergency trucks were necessary to control the rampaging, mostly teenaged girls." ("Frank Sinatra and the Columbus Day Riot") Hence, the first recorded music fan mob. These "Bobby-Soxers" played a hefty role in Sinatra's influential legacy by creating a new energy and enthusiasm for music and celebrities, an energy which would foreshadow that of Elvis Presley's fans. These Sinatra fans conceived the idea of teen and youth pop culture down the road; a culture that would become such a pandemic that it would lead to entertainment broadcasts such as the Teen Choice…show more content…
Unlike most entertainers of the time, Sinatra was realistic and sincere in his art, conveying true emotions in his music, and sharing truth in his lyrics. By doing so, Frank Sinatra fans were able to relate to their idol, and could feel as if they know his life and feelings personally. Sinatra himself admitted, "when I sing, I believe. I'm honest". Furthermore, the artist was so sincere that he even gave out his actual age; something they even non-celebrities tend to lie about! Author David Morell can attest, stating, " most entertainers hide their age... But Sinatra wasn't only acknowledging his (age); he was celebrating it. I couldn't think of another performer who did anything like that" (Morell, 2). Sinatra was also lovingly characterized in a personalized, memorable way, given endless nicknames, including "Ol' blue eyes", "chairman of the board", "the sultan of swoon" and "swoonatra". By being noted for his physical qualities, such as his unmistakable blue eyes, Sinatra was given a "stamp" of some sort that stuck itself in the minds of all those who knew of him. After all, a nickname is a term of endearment. Yet again, a plethora of nicknames was a distinctly Sinatra characteristic of the time, and the first of its kind. This new division of people known as music fans now raised the bar of the future even higher, connecting to

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