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Frank Sinatra was undoubtedly a highly influential artist in regards to contemporary music, and probably one of the most influential singers of the last century. Known as a perfectionist, an icon, and an achiever, Sinatra remains the golden standard in the music industry, having sold over one hundred fifty million records worldwide. In terms of pioneering new sound, Sinatra achieved a level of intimacy, both in his sound and his style, with the amplification equipment of his time that no one before him had. It's fair to say that Frank Sinatra's legacy is still felt and heard today, in singers everywhere. Our narrative begins with the birth of one Francis Albert Sinatra to Natalina Garaventa and Antonio Martino Sinatra, in a little town called Hoboken, New Jersey. Frank was born with severe scarring on his neck, left cheek, ear, and damage to his ear drum, which he retained for life. Sinatra's mother was influential in the Democratic Party, a legacy Frank later would follow. Some claim that his mother was abusive, but little evidence for this is clearly demonstrated. During his childhood, Sinatra would often sing at his parents' tavern for spare change.…show more content…
He practically idolized Bing Crosby, and his family took notice. For his 15th, birthday, his maternal uncle bought him a ukulele, and he began performing. He started to get together bands for school events, and singing at family gatherings. He attended A.J. Demarest High School for only 47 days, being expelled for disruptive behavior. His mother urged him to attend business school, and he relented (somewhat) attending Drake Business School for 11 months, and then leaving. Sinatra tried to expose himself to public performance whenever possible, playing at clubs, and singing for free on radio stations. He started taking elocution lessons from teacher John Quinlan, who first noticed his impressive vocal

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