Fragile: A Fictional Narrative

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i looked at all the bottles and decided on some vodka and lemonade, but a squeal almost made me drop the vodka bottle "holy shit sutton! thank you so much." she says gripping my arm "your welcome. just don't buy another pair of those ugly shoes you like." i joked. kailee sent me a playful glare at me but we both smiled and took a sip of our drinks. "oh by the way james is coming, and i think he's gonna bring luke."i say with a smirk as i wiggled my eyebrows. kailee's eye widened "fuck. for real?" she asks and i nodded, she pretty much thrusted her cup into my open hand and began fixing her t-shirt dress and fluffed her medium length hair "how do i look! be honest!" i smile "kailee, trust me you look gorgeous. his eyes won't even leave you." she grins and takes her cup back from my hand "i'm so lucky to have you as a best friend."…show more content…
i waved james over and he grinned then whispered to luke. luke's eye glanced over to kailee and he licked his lips, both began walking over towards us. "hey baby sis." james says with a smile, begins pouring him self a bottle of beer into a solo cup then left the drink table. "happy birthday kailee." luke smirks, i see kailee's cheeks begin turning red. smirking i poured myself another cup of vodka and lemonade then stalked off to the bottom of the stairs where i could watch kailee and

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