Forrest Gump Rhetorical Analysis

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The very foundation of the United States of America is based on basic freedoms that aren’t always offered in other parts of the world. In a realistic fictional movie I will be analyzing, an example of this idea is directly shown when an authoritative figure does not want the public to know about what the war in Vietnam was really like. Things such as freedom of speech and the press are two of the biggest and most meaningful of those freedoms given to citizens of the United States, but the truth is sometimes shielded from the public, like how it is in Forrest Gump. Many different elements of rhetoric are displayed in the scene I will be looking at, including pathos, logos, ethos, and kairos, all adding to the strong effect this silent…show more content…
This form of secrecy that the United States wants to place on its citizens is the reason for many of the revolts during this time. The rhetorical purpose of this particular scene is just that, keeping certain things that would anger the public out of eyes and ears of…show more content…
If Forrest were to give his speech about Vietnam, it would be on every news station talking about the horrific acts taking place their, the public would participate in more protests and put more pressure on the government, and other war veterans would speak out against the war. It was really the only option that the United States had for preventing even further displeasure with the public and more chaos. With Forrest being a well-respected figure in the nation when it comes to the Vietnam War, it would be a logical argument that the war should be ended if a hero from Vietnam advocated against it. This was taken away when the general pulled the plug to the microphone. To the audience watching the movie, who knows what the general had done, this logical appeal gives the audience an understanding of why the general had done what he did. They understand that this action was for the better and it was a logical act done by the

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