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I am applying for forensic psychology BSc (HONS). Psychology has always indirectly been part of my life, whether it was from watching television shows relating to crime and psychology from a young age, to dealing with patients who suffers from mental health issues. It has since been my desire to care for those who are in need of emotional support from the trauma that they may have had to overcome. My curiosity of the subject grew overtime, as I explored more into specific areas, main one being forensic psychology which started through studying A level psychology. During my studies, my perspectives on the world of psychology changed overtime as I have gained a new way of thinking, and I have learnt that it is not all about how a person…show more content…
Research methods is mandatory in Psychology, so my years of practice with the methodological techniques are essential to the course, especially for the topics of introducing and exploring real world psychology. In addition, Health and social care A-level has allowed me to gain knowledge on the different Acts and legislation made in order to protect people in society. This is key to forensic psychology as it deals with legal issues concerning the victims as well as the criminals and offenders. Biology educated me on how important practical techniques are, therefore would enable me to conduct an experiment that would provide me with reliable results. Learning the topic of inheritance, I have gained an insight into criminal profiling, in preparation for the…show more content…
Due to my love for reading I have come across research studies that gave me ideas on the nature vs nurture aspects of psychology. A study from the book “Breakdown” by Stuart Stutherland, investigated the idea of whether criminal behaviour is influenced by genetics or environment. Results shown by this study, has captured my interest on finding out more in depth about the roots of criminal behaviour and delinquency. Another interest of mine also includes taking part in programmes, including ESOL where my duty was to assist international students improve their english. Through this programme I have learnt the value of patience when dealing with a student, who has difficulty communicating in

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