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A royal procession rode through Greystone-led by First Commander Cipher of the house of Gleesman. A statuesque man known vastly for his looks with bronze skin, tousle brown hair that frame his angular face and bright gray eyes. Heavily desire by all types of women of station-even though he was happily married with children. His looks are as legendary as his youngest nephew-Prince Fabian Wylie. He was cunning, calculating, and skillful in battle with a strong sense of fidelity. The first commander rode through the crowd ahead of a black carriage with royal purple ribbons and a banner with the crest of a Rafendale covering the tiny windows on the opposite side of where the door stood. He glances back to the carriage, feeling the quizzical eyes of the people staring at him. The same feeling he experience when escorting his late sister to the Festival of the Huntsman-before she became queen. (The Festival of the Huntsman initially started as a ball held by the Wylie’s three times a year, it was established to restore morale with the people of their kingdom during the Battle of the Lands. After the signing of the treaty, the late King Phillip turned it into an annual festival held on the first full moon of the first month of the year. Still open to the public, the festival has become a three-day affair, which…show more content…
“King Robert Wylie, it is mine and my King’s pleasure to welcome you to our home. Have you come to celebrate in are great news?” an insensitive Michal smirks. He turns around and says, “Why don’t you follow me to your father’s study.” He instantly turns back around to King Robert, placing his hand over his mouth as if it was a slip of the tongue. His men at the same time are snickering underneath their breaths. “I’m sorry, I meant, King David’s study.” He turns back towards the castle with a mischief grin and instructs with a wave, “Follow

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