Firesound Research Paper

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The hardware article I chose is about an innovative drone called the, “Firesound” that was designed by two men named, Charles Bombardier and Adolfo Esquivel to help enhance the safety of public parks and forests. The main function of this electric powered flying saucer is for it to fly around parks and forests to look for signs of fire. Even though this is the main job of the Firesound, this drone can perform many other tasks such as keeping in touch with the park managers through infrared cameras and electronic nose sensors, carry around a compact medical kit for emergency accidents, keep campers informed of park conditions, and as providing a large WIMAX internet connection when inflight. The Firesound is one metre in diameter and 30 centimetres in width in a shape of a three-dimensional frisbee. Compound and other different lightweight materials make up the structure of this drone. The design of it includes an electronic nose detector, thermal cameras, sensors, fans, and other small parts. The plan of how the Firesound will fly is with two electric turbofans that are located in the front, and two at the back. The drone would intake air from the front fans and push air it out from the back fans once in flight above the trees thanks to the jet nozzles under the disk. This would make it possible for the drone to transition from vertical to horizontal flight. To be non-polluting, it is powered by a hydrogen fuel cell.…show more content…
The Firesound drone is inexpensive to build, non-polluting, and is able to perform a variety

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